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Mount Kerinci is one of the attractions found in Kerinci Regency, for the mountainous nature tourism lovers, please come to the province of Jambi.

Mount Kerinci with a height of 3805 meters above sea level (asl), is the highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount has a cone-shaped crater with a wall-sized section of 600 x 580 x 120 meters and 100 meters to the bottom wall. The crater is filled with water colored chartreuse

Mount Kerinci region, there are several types of forests growing along the slope. Adapu forest types is Dipterokarp Forest Hill, Upper Dipterokarp, Montane Forest and Forest Ericaceous or Mount Forest. Dipterokarp Forest Hill an altitude of 300 to 750 meters above sea level with the main species, such as Basic Seraya, Keruing Main, Main and Main Meranti Damar Minyak.

Forest Area Top Dipterokarp altitude of 750 to 1.200 meters above sea level which most species simple shape, such as Mempening Basic, Basic, “Get in, Basic Resin Oil, and Principal podo. At a slightly higher slopes there Montane Forest located at an altitude of 1.200 to 1.500 meters from sea level or contained in Bukit Fraser and Tanah Tinggi Cameron.

In this type of forest grows many leaves subjects such as conifer Main Tire Pain, and Gelam Sprus Mount. In this forest there are also Rafflesia flowers, pots and Main Rhododendron Apes. With lower temperatures and winds that create faster-growing trees in the forest with an average height between 1.5 meters to 18 meters.

Last is Forest Mount Forest Ericaceous or located at an altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level. This forest has a major species, such as chocolate Main, Main Monkey pots, various kinds of bushes, reeds, resam, nail-ferns and moss.

After going through the forest and reached the mountain peak located at an altitude of 3805 m above sea level, the tourists can see the majestic scenery of love to pass up. The tourists can see in all directions around the compass to see the panoramic view of Mount Kerinci with vast expanse of forests, verdant tea plantations that combine into a symphony of unity in the natural beauty of Mount Kerinci.

For those interested please come to Kerinci Regency, please enjoy the natural scenery is very beautiful.


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