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Kerinci Lake Area 4200 hectares with a depth of 110 m and is situated at an altitude of 783 meters above sea level. The lake holds a lot of fish. Semah fish is the most popular type and is an endemic fish species.
Kerinci lake district is situated on two Lake District and District Round Lake Kerinci.
There are several interesting locations in several villages around Lake Kerinci, namely Pesanggarahan Areas where we can see the view from the top of Lake Kerinci, Cape Bung Hatta Hatta is the place to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Kerinci and planted trees there, there Seleman Village Houses Laheik which is a typical house Kerinci , and in the village of Middle Island are Dolmen Stone Sacred Mosques King and Middle Island and around Kerinci lake there are a number of carved stone megaliths alleged human heritage.

In each year, the Lake Kerinci Lake Kerinci Festval held a variety of attractions featuring local art.

Government of Kerinci regency, Jambi province, will be revitalized and reorganized the infrastructure of facilities and attractions in the area of Kerinci Lake is often used as a venue for the annual tour events. City Government already earmark 2 billion from the budget, said Regent H Murasman in Kerinci, Sunday.

With the revitalization and reorganization are expected as a tourist attraction under the Mount Kerinci it becomes more attractive to tourists.

“We hope that the revitalization that will be done this year to beautify the area as a tourist attraction of Kerinci Lake, let alone every year the lake was used as the location of the festival,” he said.

Kerinci Lake which covers tens of hectares and the air is cool, every year become the location of the Community Care of Kerinci Lake Festival (FPMDK) who has become an annual tourist calendar.

In the festival’s various interesting tourist attractions and activities held in an effort to attract tourists to visit the Kerinci regency which is about 400 km from the city of Jambi’s.

Kerinci regency with a population of about 250 thousand inhabitants, located in the highlands and the air is cool and is a known center for vegetables in Jambi Province.

Districts in most western tip of Jambi province also has a National Park Kerinci Seblat (TNKS) that stores a variety of biodiversity and rare flora and fauna are protected, said Regent.

Head of Public Relations Kerinci regency Mr. Amri Swarta added, to support tourist attractions, this year’s tour to prepare the Kerinci regency of water (water boom) and floating dock for water sports and a speedboat.

According to him, local government will also exempt a land area of five hectares for the construction of a number of facilities and rest areas for visitors to the lake.

The expansion and addition of facilities that need to be done, because of its location on Kerinci Lake FPMDK narrow circumstances.

Kerinci regency forward will explore the management of tourism cooperation with investors, and communities around the region are also expected to tour obek take part in maintaining the existing tourist attraction, Swarta Amri added.




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