AYI KAWO KERINCI traditional DRINK   Leave a comment

Kerinci save a variety of Earth’s unique culture, which does not exist in other areas. One of them, the traditional drink of coffee leaf called Ayi Kawo. It felt a little bitter, but it can make addiction audience. Just do not drink a day Ayi Kawo will make headache. For the everyday man who worked as farmers, Ayi Kawo must exist in their daily menus. Ayi Kawo lovers unlimited among farmers, but also official.
Regent Kerinci, H Murasman, for example, is known as a connoisseur Ayi Kawo. He did not hesitate to enjoy the traditional drinks that are served by people who visited.

Along with many residents speculate Kerinci to neighboring countries Malaysia, Ayi Kawo lovers spread to the neighbor country. They always ask family to send Ayi Kawo, because there is no such beverage. Foreign tourists who come to kerinici also began to enjoy the traditional drinks. Some time ago, three Norwegian tourists, had come to enjoy Ayi Kawo. At first they hesitated, but after they finally attempted addicted. According to residents, this drink may be more pronounced delicious when served in traditional, ie, by entering the coffee leaf that has been smoked and knead by hand, into a bamboo tube as a replacement kettle with filter fibers extracted from palm trees (palm fiber). While the cup is made of palm beams are cleaned, which is in a Kerinci language called sayak.

When the coffee leaves a different way of bloat, although a bit then it will also be different. now only a few people who still can make people Ayi Kawo. Even many who are not able to bloat of coffee leaves only. Young people today are lazy learning. Most connoisseurs Ayi Kawo just drinking it, by asking to people who make the drink. Though to make necessary measures to fit, between the amount of water to coffee leaf powder is used.
No one knows exactly when this started drinked by Kerinci citizens. But according to one resident, Amir drink has existed since their ancestors. In fact he says has been popular since hundreds of years ago. Now to get Ayi Kawo not as easy as ten years ago. Coffee leaves as the main raw material more difficult to obtain, because many farmers who penetrated the coffee trees after the commodity fell. In fact, coffee leaf is starting to be traded either still wet or ready-brewed into Ayi Kawo. Although prices are not too expensive, it is enough Ayi Kawo felt by lovers.


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